Week 7

1. True or False:

“Information” and “Information record” are the same thing.

2. Claiming “Prices starting at $4.99” is an example of which trick of the deception trade?

A. Weasle words

B. Eye candy

C. The “Average” Bear

D. The Baseline Bluff

Midterm Exam Q’s

1) Which of the following is NOT defined as a means of convergence, according to Jenkins?

a) the cooperation of multiple media platforms

b) migratory behavior of audiences who go at great lengths to select the entertainment experiences they desire

c) top-down decisions made by corporations, but a lack of bottom-up decisions made in teenager’s bedrooms

d) flow of content across multiple media platforms

2) What trick of the deception trade is being used here?

a) Weasel Words

b) Misnomers

c) The Superlatives Swindle

d) The Literally True Falsehood

e) the “average” bear

-kev 3535

Midterm Study Guide Questions – Coreen Joyce Alagar

1. According to Henry Jenkins, convergence is defined by __________________ decisions in corporate boardrooms and __________________ decisions in teenager’s bedrooms.

2. Which of the following is NOT a strategy used to lure readers into content farms?
A. Inserting keywords that people might be searching for into articles
B. Titling their articles with headlines that readers can’t help but open
C. Self-advertising or adding links to other articles on the same website
D. None of the above

3. Explain the difference between horizontal integration and vertical integration in terms of economical convergence.

Exam Questions

1) In the picture below, a “tall” at Starbucks is actually the smallest size on the menu. What “Trick of the Deception Trade” is this an example of?


a) Eye candy

b) Misnomer

c) Weasel word

d) The “average” bear

2) In the Information Pyramid (image below), which part of the pyramid describes a “combination of symbols according to rules or conventions?”

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.04.31 PM

a) Information

b) Symbols

c) Data

d) Knowledge

3) True or False: Economic capital is “wealth available for investment.”

Midterm Study Guide (Isaiah McNeil)

1. Which of the following is not a type of convergence?

a) Economical convergence

b) cultural convergence

c) Media convergence

d) technological convergence

2.  Which one of these is not a trick of the deception trade?

a) eye candy

b) weasel words

c) misomers

d) frame and claim it

3) What is one of the trends of fixing the digital economy?

a) Computer networks disrupting centralized power and giving it to the individual

b) alienability

c) weasel words

d) convergence

Midterm Questions

1. NBA.com is considered a content farm.

A. True

B. False

2. Which of these is not a dangling comparative?



C. “9 out of 10 DENTISTS AGREE!”